Woman Redressal Cell

It was in consideration to have a “Women's Grievances Redressel Cell”, promote a healthy working environment for all female students, and faculty / staff members of our Institute. In order to entertain and to take appropriate actions regarding complaints (sexual harassment) of female student, and faculty/ staff member of our Institute, “Women's Grievances Redressel Cell” has been constituted with following committee members.

Sr. No.Name of StaffDesignationPosition in the Commitee
1Prof. Mrs. G. S. MhamunkarLecturer, Computer Engineering Dept.Overall Coordinator
2Prof. Mrs. D. S. ShetLecturer, Electrical Engineering Dept.Member
3Prof. Mrs. S. S. SwamiLecturer, Instrumentation Engineering Dept.Member
4Mrs. V. A. SalagareLab Assit., Chemical Engineering Dept.Member
5Mrs. Snehal LangiOffice Supt.Member
6Mrs. S. P. DeshmukhLab Assit., Physics Dept.Member
7Prof. M. P. BhagatLecturer, Electronics & Tele. Engineering Dept.Member
8Dr. B. C. KharbasLecturer, Sl Grade, Electrical Engineering Dept.Member
9Mrs. Sangita Dhahotre(DBATU)Assistant Professor, Physics Dept.Member