Computer Engineering


To create persistently changing environment for the rural masses to make them state-of-the-art computer professionals for nation building and humanity at large.


  • M1: To train rural pupils for their all-dimensional development with various aspects like personality development and state-of-the-art technology training.
  • M2: To maintain and upgrade computing facilities for quality learning environment.
  • M3: To develop in rural masses professional attitude, ethical and intellectual standards.
  • M4: To train the students to cope-up with ever-changing field of Computing and to pursue advanced graduate studies.


About Department

The department of Computer Engineering was established in the year 1994. In 1995, “Diploma in Computer Engineering” programme started with intake capacity of 40. Programme was accredited for the three years during 2004-2007. The intake capacity to the programme increased to 60 in the year 2007.  With the help of Departments active students’ organization “OCEAN”, various curricular, extra-curricular and co-curricular activities are organized regularly with the support and guidance of senior and junior faculty members and experienced staff members.  We try to keep laboratories equipped with latest configures desktops. For the enhanced teaching learning process classroom is equipped with audio-visual equipment.